The Maiyet Concept Store, located in London’s Mayfair, celebrates a collective commitment to ethical and sustainable living. Beginning in October 2016, this three-month pop up will play host to a range of ethically-minded partners and will feature experts and innovators from across key cultural industries, from fashion and food to art and design.

Maiyet Mission

Collaboration over competition.

We believe in collaboration as a seed from which inspiration blooms, and are thrilled to learn from such extraordinary individuals and brands. Each of our carefully chosen partners represents an approach to the world that is fun, curious, stylish and considered. 

Maiyet Process
Maiyet Production
Maiyet Production

Unified by a cause.

We're proud to carry a full range of modern artisan-rich products. The Maiyet Concept Store is the destination for environmentally and socially responsible discoveries in food, beauty, literature and beyond. 

Maiyet Campaign

Connecting through experience.

Our upcoming event series includes performance art, screenings, live music, chef’s tastings, book launches, poetry readings and magic shows. In addition, it will serve as a forum for thought, with topics such as Pioneers in Creativity, Impact Driven Business, and Women & Leadership.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or find it not.